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Math Education Sessions at MAA

Jerry Becker
Math Education Sessions at MAA
Sent at the request of David Stone.
The Joint Math Meetings will be held in San Diego, January 10-13. This is the world's largest annual gathering of mathematicians.
We would like to call attention to six MAA sessions which should be of particular interest to mathematics educators.
(1) Panel on the Dolciani Award: Mathematicians in K-16 Education.
Panelists are Alan Schoenfeld (UC Berkley) and Tatiana Shubin (San Jose State U) -- recipients of the MAA Dolciani Award for mathematicians who have made significant contributions to K-16 mathematics education.
[Thursday, Jan 11, 2:35 -- 3:55; Room 2 SDCC]

(2) Mathematicians' Work in Creating Open Education Resources for K-12.
Panelists are Scott Baldridge (LSU), Hugo Rossi (U Utah) and Kristin Umland (Illustrative Mathematics).
[Wednesday, Jan 10, 9:35 -- 10:55; Room 1A SDCC]

(3) Teaching Mathematics Content to Prospective Elementary Teachers: Strategies and Opportunities.
Panelists are Christine Browning (W Michigan U), Ziv Feldman (Boston U), Lynn Hart (Georgia State U), Jennifer Holm (U of Alberta) and Susan Oesterle (Douglas C).
[Friday, Jan 12, 8:00 -- 9:20; Room 2 SDCC]

(4) The New AP Calculus Curriculum -- The First Round of Testing.
Panelists are Gail Burrill (Michigan State U), Stephen Davis (Davidson C), Ben Hedrick (College Board) and James Sellers (Penn State U).
[Friday, Jan 12, 9:35 -- 10:55; Room 2 SDCC]

(5) Pathways Through High School Mathematics: Building Focus and Coherence.
Panelists are Gail Burrill (Michigan State U), Yvonne Lai (U of Nebraska), Matt Larson (NCTM), Francis Su (Harvey Mudd C)) and Dan Teague (NC School of Science and Mathematics).
[Friday, Jan 12, 1:00 -- 2:20; Room 2 SDCC]

(6) Math Circle demonstration session.
Organized by Alessandra Pantano (UC Irvine) and Amanda Serenevy (Riverbend Community Math Center)
[Saturday, Jan 13, 1:00 -- 2:30; Room 6D SDCC]

Jerry P. Becker
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
College of Education and Human Services
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
625 Wham Drive  /  MC 4610
Carbondale, Illinois  62901